BZ Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Ordering Decimals

Comparing decimals is like comparing to whole numbers.You may
use place value or a number line to compare decimals

Short Lesson
The first thing you do is get at least two numbers to compare.
Then you line up the numbers on top of each other .
To see which number is higher or the lower, you look at the first of the
two numbers. If the first numbers are the same you look at the next two
numbers are different then the numbers you can tell are different.

Example Johnny and Jeffery both sold candy bars.
Each candy bar is $1.35. Johnny sold 35 candy bars or $47.25.
Jeffery sold 33 candy bars or $44.55. Who had more money in the end?
Johnny had more money in the end. I will show you. First you line up the two numbers
$47.25. As you see both the first numbers are 4. If the first number is the same
$44.55 you must look at the next number. As you see the next number is different.
Now you know that Johnny collected more money.
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