1 fluid ounce

fl oz

1 cup

8 fl oz

1 pint

2 cups

1 quart

2 pints

1 gallon

4 quarts
above is a chart of conversions for capacity below is a table of weight conversions

1 ounce
one ounce
1 pound
16 ounces
1 ton
2,000 pounds

above is a chart of conversions for weight below is a chart for conversions for legnth
1 cm
1 cm
1 ft
about 36 cm
1 mile
5,280 feet

that up there was conversions for the customary system, for those of you that don't live in the tiny area that uses it, here are some charts for conversions on the metric system.
1 foot
1 foot
1 yard
3 feet
1 meter
about 1 yard
1 kilometer
1000 meters
above is a chart of conversions for length, for the rest of the conversions on the metric system, click here

external image Countries_adopting_Metric_System_2006.png

here is a picture that shows where the different systems are used.

Because we are not always going to have a meter stick with us we need to have a good estimate of how long an inch, foot, etc. are used. For instance, if you wear a size 12 shoe then your shoe is a foot long. Or if you wear a size six shoe you have a six inch shoe.external image Shoes_iAEC1017738.jpg
Or if you aren't very big then the length from the tip of your middle finger to your first knuckle is about an inchexternal image hand.jpg