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Customary System

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Weight is usually measured in:

    • tons=2000 pounds
    • pounds=16 ounces


Length is sometimes measured in:

    • miles(mi)= 63,360 inches or 5,280 ft or 1,760 yards
    • yards(yd)= 3 feet or 36 inches
    • feet(ft)=12 inches
    • inches(in or ")


Capacity is sometimes measured in:

    • cups(c)
    • pint(pt)=2 cups
    • quarts(qt)=2 pints=4 cups
    • gallans(gal)=4 quarts=8 pints=16 cups

Metric System

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Mass is usually measured in:

      • milligram(mg)=.001 gram
      • centigram(cg)=.01 gram
      • decigram(dg)=.1 gram
      • gram(g)=1 gram
      • decagram=10 grams
      • hectogram=100grams
      • kilogram(kg)=1000grams


Length is sometimes measured in:

      • millimeter(mm)
      • centimeter(cm)=10 millimeters
      • decimeter(dm)=10 centimeters =100 millimeters
      • meter(m)=10 decimeters=100 centimeters=1000 millimeters
      • kilometer(km)=10 meters=100 decimeter=1000 centimeter=10000 millimeter

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Capacity is sometimes measurd in:

    • cubic meter(m3)
    • cubic deimeter(dm3)
    • cubic millimeter(mm3)
    • cubic centimeter(cc)
    • hectoliter(hl)
    • decaliter
    • liter(l)
    • deciliter(dl)
    • centiliter(cl)
    • milliliter(ml)
    • microliter(ul)

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