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NOT pie

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What is pi?

Pi is defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.
Pi is a Greek work standing for a decimal that never ends and never repeats.

What Kind Of Number Is Pi?

Pi is an irrational number.Meaning, pi cannot be put into, or expressed, as a fraction.

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The History Of Pi

Pi is about 4000 years old.Babylonians are said to be the first to record the numbers of pi,
but more people knew about pi like the Indians and Egyptians. William Jones is said to have
introduced pi around 1706.(the Greek letter pi)

  • In ancient Greece,people said pi as "pea" not "pie
  • The pi symbol is the first letter of the Greek words, meaning circumference of a circle
  • pi is the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet

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Cool Facts about Pi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The record of reciting pi was 67,890 digits of pi in 24 hours by a chinese man.
  • Some people think pi is the answer to the world.
  • Pi day is on march 14.

Formulas for pi

C stands for circumference , D stands for diameter , and R stands for radius. Circumference is the distance around a circle. Diameter is the distance through the middle of a circle and the radius is half of the diameter. Some formulas for pi include the diameter , circumference , and radius. here are some formulas for pi;
d x 3.14 =c
c ÷ d =3.14
r x 2 = d
d x pi = c

external image pi.gifCalculating Pi

Calculating pi is quite easy. Let's start with how to show it... Example:) OK,say you want to find the Circumference of a circle! Your diameter is 3.53. Next you should mulitiply 3.53 and 3.14(pi). And your proudut should be your answer. If you wish for more help click on the click me sign for a you tube video.

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PI SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Things You Probaly Didn't Know About pi
1.They have calclated about 6.4 billion digts in pi(even though pi never ends). 2.Pi day is on March 14. 3. There are not any 0's in the first 31 digits of pi. 4. Pi is the 16th letter in the greek alphabet. 5. There is a movie called Pi.

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