What is Pi and what language does it come from?

Pi is the ratio of any circle's circumference to it's diameter. No matter what the circle's circumference is, when you multiply it by 3.14 (pi) you get π . Pi goes on for ever and never stops. 3.14 is just an itsy bitsy part of pi. Pi comes from the greek language. It is 16th letter in the greek alphabet. Pi is also an irrational number.

What kind of number is Pi?

Pi is a transcendental number,meaning that no finite order
of algebraic expressions on integers could ever produce it.

The History of Pi

The Greek letter π, was adopted for the number from the Greek word for perimeter probably by in Wiliam Jones in 1706, and popularized by Leonhard Euler. The constant is named pi because it is the first letter of the words periphery and perimeter, referring to pi's use in the formula to find circumference.
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How to Calculate Pi

To calculate pi is to measure the diameter and circumference of a circle as close as possible. Then, make a ratio out of it. After you do that, divide the circumference by the diameter and you will either get 3.14 or something close to that because we can't measure perfectly so we can't get the infinite number pi.

Formulas of Pi

Some formulas of pi are:
C= circumfrence D= diameter R= radius

Some Odd Facts About Pi

-Most people say that a circle has no corners, right? It's actually more accurate to say it has an infinity of corners.
-There are no zeros in the first 31 numbers of Pi.
- The Babylonians found the first known value of Pi in about 2000BC.
- Pi is the 16th letter in the greek alphabet.
- If a billion digits in Pi typed out in normal print, it would stretch from New York City to the middle of Kansas.
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How Many Digits Has Pi Been Calculated To?

It's still being calculated right now, it's an infinite number.

Other Interesting Things About Pi

-There is a movie named Pi
-Pi is infinite, the formula (or how to calculate it) for infinity is
int_{a}^{b} , f(t) dt   = infty
int_{a}^{b} , f(t) dt = infty
it means that f(t) does not bound a finite area from a to b.
-Pi has broken computer programs with overloads.
-If a circle's diameter is 1, the circle's circumference is Pi.
-In greek, the letter pi is pronounced pee instead of the english pronunciation pie.
- Pi is used in science and engineering

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