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What formulas do pi use ?
Formulas that use pi are:
Circumference of a Circle- C= 3.14xD or Rx2xDx3.14
To find surface area of a cylinder - Surface= 3.14r2h or Bh To find the volume of a cone- Volume= one third 3.14r2h or one third BhArea of a circle- A=3.14r2
Diameter of a Circle- D= rx2 or Circumference รท 3.14

What is Pi
Pi is the any circles circumfrence divided by its diameter. Whenever you divide it you always get 3.14159265.... well then it goes on forever so that's why when you multiply it by the diameter they use 3.14. (See more in history of pi)

What language did pi origonate from?

Pi came from the greek language. This word ment perimeter. Then where did the symbol come from? It too came from the greek language. It is the 16th letter in the Greek Alphabet. Want to see the whole greek alphabet?
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The History of Pi

The ancient Babylonians measured the length of the circumference of a circle and its diameter(not with pi), and divided the circumfrence by the diameter.They discovered that no matter how big or small the circle was, the answer was always the same, that was pi! They knew that the answer they got was a tiny bit bigger than three but not by a lot, so they estimated pi within one percent of its value. Cool thing about was that it was about 4,000 years ago.

What Kind of Number is pi

Pi is an irreational number. Which mean it never stops going.

How to caculate Pi

Odd facts

did you know that pi has bin calculating 1.2411 trillion digits